Training for metal worker

We are constantly looking for young people, who would like to start training as soon as possible.

Training for metal worker

Discipline Construction Technology

Content & training procedures

1st apprentice year
Making of small designed parts from steel, with machine tools under supervision, making practical experience.
2nd apprentice year
Making of designed parts, steel sheets and
construction profiles under supervision.
3rd and 3½ apprentice year
Making and assembling of functional steel construction parts,
as independently as possible, according to drawing.

Daily practical experience during the training

  • During approximately 3,5 days per week you will learn the practical handling of tools and machinery.
  • The theoretical part will be trained in the vocational school.
  • After mastering the basic skills you will make and assemble small components in the production, for actual projects under supervision by skilled experts.
  • At site you will learn how the manufactured steel constructions are installed, according to the state of the art.
  • Near the end of the training you will, most independently, produce structures made of steel.

Requirements for training applicants.


  • are honest and friendly
  • are punctual and reliable
  • have good knowledge of mathematics
  • are interested in mechanics
  • have a good spatial sense
  • have a strong physical fitness
  • have at least a Certificate of Secondary Education

Monthly apprenticeship pay

Pay scale wages
First apprentice year: 730 €
Second apprentice year: 777 €
Third apprentice year: 846 €
Fourth apprentice year: 952 €

And after the apprenticeship ….

… you have good chances to become our regular employee.
… you will have a diversified and satisfying job building and installing radiation protection devices at our nationwide projects.
… you will regularly be sent to further trainings within the framework of our training management.
For great talents we even support further training to master craftsman or technician.

Next steps after we have aroused your interest?

Then we are looking forward to your call to agree on an appointment

  • a factory tour
  • a trial day
  • an internship

What should you observe when applying with us?

Your application should contain a cover letter and a resume.
In your cover letter we will look for your reference to the offered apprenticeship training position.

We pay attention to correct spelling and punctuation.

Your resume should not have any gaps.

We need copies of your last three school reports.

And we would also like to know your hobbies.

Possible certificates about completed internships or other capabilities will complete your profile.

Address for applications:

Georg Berdel GmbH
attention: Mrs. Claudia Blaul
Dornhofstr. 29
63263 Neu-Isenburg

Tel.: +49 6102 799050

What happens next?

We shall contact you and fix a date for your interview and a recruitment test.

What is important to us during the 15 minute interview?

You should know what the Georg Berdel company produces and for which job you are applying.

For the 45-minute recruitment test you should have good command of the basic arithmetic operations. (Pocket calculators and smart phones are not allowed.)

Subsequently we shall show you the factory.

Your readiness for an internship, during which you get to know the company and we get to know you, will be much appreciated.