Our range of services

Radiation Protection

for the medical field

For more than three decades we have been engaged in shielding passage ways to rooms with released ionising radiation. The accumulated wealth of experience enables us to design reliable facilities and to produce them in our own factory. Our specialties are doors for LINAC-, Afterloading- Therapy – rooms, as well as PET- CT – rooms.

Radiation protection

for industries and research

In our company we do have the necessary static, mechanical and control-technological know-how to implement your individual requirements. We focus on steel constructions and their passage ways to shield from ionizing radiation.

Service and maintenance

Our customers trust our reliable services and appreciate our professional maintenance and repair jobs. All of our service technicians have extensive knowledge in the areas of solidity, mechanics and control technology to guarantee you a long service life of your door systems, which usually weigh several tons, or your fire protection doors.

Special Projects

Planning, construction, drives

We design the steel construction and the drive controls for your application. We use our CAD systems for the static and mechanic dimensioning as well as for the design work. We are certified for the design of steel constructions up to EXC 4.

Safety standards

of radiation protection doors

Radiation protection doors are in general quite heavy. Moved heavy doors possessing a high kinetic energy, which can cause serious personal injuries, when crushing or shearing body parts. All our power-operated doors limit the clamp forces of the door system, to securely avert personal injuries.

Metal construction award

Category „doors, gates, fire protection“

We won the contract for the design and planning of an access to an underground gas pressure regulating station. An above ground existing gas pressure regulating station had to be relocated underground, because the location was later to be used as public space.


Training for metal worker

We are constantly looking for young people, who would like to start training as soon as possible. Training for metal worker Discipline Construction Technology Content & training procedures 1st apprentice year Making of small designed…